Core/ST ARCP Checklists

National ARCP Checklist
The new national ARCP checklist. To be used from January 2020
RCoA National ARCP Checklist V5.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [205.6 KB]
National ARCP Checklist - Guide for Supervisors
Guide for Educational Supervisors for the new national ARCP checklist
RCoA National ARCP Checklist ES guide V5[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [171.6 KB]
Guidance for ARCP requirements during 2010 to 2021 curriculum transition years
Guidance for ARCP requirements during 20[...]
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National Anaesthetic ARCP Checklist 2021 curriculum: ES Guide
National Anaesthetic ARCP Checklist 2021[...]
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National Anaesthetic ARCP Checklist: 2021 Curriculum
National Anaesthetic ARCP Checklist 2021[...]
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From January 2020 we will transitioning to a new, national ARCP checklist that will replace the old checklists used until this point:


National ARCP Checklist


The Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) have produced a national ARCP checklist and a guide for educational supervisors (ES) to assist the trainee in ensuring all the evidence is uploaded to the ESSR for the ARCP. The Birmingham School will be adopting the national ARCP checklist from January 2020. So the first ARCP using this will be in January 2020.


The new RCoA checklist and ES guide can be found above for your reference. The information can also be found on the RCoA website


College tutors and educational supervisors have been sent this information as well.

Just to note the new checklist mandates a separate MSF for ITU training module. If you have already had your ITU module signed off (prior to January 2020) you do not have to do a retrospective MSF. Any trainees undertaking ITU modules from January 2020 will need to complete a separate MSF (minimum 12 responses required).


ARCP format


As per the regional advisory board, the format of ARCPs is under change regarding the use of the HEE representative. The HEE rep will only be present for unsatisfactory outcomes. A panel will review all portfolios annually as they do currently. Trainees with outcomes 2, 3, or 4 (unsatisfactory) will be required to be seen face-to-face. As the majority of trainees get satisfactory outcomes it is not mandated that you attend a face-to-face meeting but it is actively encouraged. All trainees will be invited to attend a face-to-face meeting. The Head of School, Regional Advisors and Training Programme Directors of the West Midlands Anaesthesia School feel meeting the panel face-to-face is a good opportunity to discuss any training needs/issues and receive career advice from the panel if desired but not compulsory.  Trainees getting an Outcome 6 for their exit ARCP would be encouraged to attend face-to-face so the panel can wish you luck on your future career.


The new LLP does not ‘lock down’ prior to ARCP. As a result of difficulties for the panel accessing evidence from trainees in a timely fashion, it has now been decided that no evidence submitted later than 2 weeks prior to the ARCP date will be reviewed. If the panel feels vital evidence is missing the trainee will be given an Outcome 5. This has been decided for all 3 West Midlands Schools of Anaesthesia, not just Birmingham.  The dates for your next ARCP are released well in advance and an up to date list is always available on the BSA website.


This format may undergo further changes in the future as HEE are holding discussions with all speciality schools and we will keep you updated.


Educational Supervisor Feedback


For the future, your educational supervisor will receive feedback from the ARCP panel regarding their engagement and completion of the ESSR with you. The School of anaesthesia is keen to improve the quality of the Educational supervisors’ reports and this will hope to help in this process. Your ESs have been informed of this.


Duties of an Educational Supervisor


College tutors and educational supervisors have been reminded of their duties with regard to your training and supervision.

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