CT ARCP Checklists

Paperwork for both Core + ACCS Anaesthetic trainees:

ACCS Curriculum Checklist
Checklist for the ACCS curriculum - Anaesthesia stream (CT1 + CT2)
ACCS Curriculum Coverage Checklist.docx
Microsoft Word document [35.4 KB]
ACCS Common Competencies
Logbook for level 2 competencies required for the ACCS curriculum
Common Competency Level 2 Log.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [505.9 KB]
Paperwork Advice for ACCS CT2 Trainees
Advice to trainees and trainers completing ACCS CT2 ARCP paperwork (Updated February 2018)
Advice for CT2 ACCS Trainees.docx
Microsoft Word document [20.8 KB]
ARCP Checklist for ACCS CT2 Trainees
ARCP checklist for ACCS year two trainees (Updated February 2018)
ACCS CT2 Checklist.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [319.9 KB]
ARCP Checklist for Core + ACCS CT3 Trainees
ARCP checklist for core and ACCS CT3 trainees (Updated January 2018)
ACCS CT3 and Core Anaesthesia ARCP Check[...]
Microsoft Word document [21.6 KB]
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