Meet The Team


As well as a diverse range of approachable and enthusiastic consultants and trainees throughout the school, there are a number of key personnel who are responsible for various aspects of training and devlopment. Lets meet the team:


Regional Advisors

Head of Postgraduate School - Dr S Edmends (Stoke)

Regional Advisor (Anaesthesia) - Dr J Budd (Hereford)

Regional Advisor (Intensive Care) - Dr M Patel (Sandwell & West Birmingham Trust)

Regional Advisor (Pain Medicine) - Dr Shyam Balasubramanian (Coventry)

Deputy Regional Advisor - Dr H Funkel (Russell's Hall Hospital)


Training Programme Directors (TPD)

Dr Yasmin Poonawala - (Read more...)

Training Programme Director (CT1-2)


Dr Catherine Brennan - (Read more...)

Training Programme Director (ST3-7)


College Tutors

Dr Shivanand Chavan - (Read more...)

College Tutor (UHB CT1-2)

Dr Mike Clarke - (Read more...)

College Tutor (Worcester)


Dr Tim Day-Thompson - (Read more...)

College Tutor (Hereford)

Dr Andrew Downs - (Read more...)

College Tutor (Russell's Hall)

Dr Zoe Huish - (Read more...)

College Tutor (City and Sandwell)

Dr Sathyanarayanan Jagannathan - (Read more...)

College Tutor (UHB ST5-7)

Dr Elin Jones - (Read more...)

College Tutor (Birmingham Children's)

Dr Suresh Natarajan - (Read more...)

College Tutor (UHB ST3-4)

Dr Jim Brunning - (Read more...)

College Tutor (Royal Orthopaedic)

Trainee Representatives

Dr Roisin Baker

Trainee Rep

Dr Melanie Sahni

Trainee Rep

Dr Anna Jordan



Dr Daniel Eden


HEWM Programme Administrator:
HEWM ARCP Administrator:
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