Dr Elin Jones

College Tutor - Birmingham Children's Hospital

Elin Jones is a consultant paediatric anaesthetist at Birmingham Children's Hospital, and has been an educational supervisor of intermediate and higher trainees for the past two years. Her clinical interests are orthopaedic oncology, cleft palate, laparoscopic and emergency work. She is a former Stoke school trainee, AAGBI and APA trainee representative so has a good understanding of issues facing trainees.


The biggest challenges at BCH is dealing with the high turnover of trainees and coping with the fear and expectations of working with younger children, infants and neonates. Elin is supported by 7 Educational Supervisors to help ensure that the trainees get good support. We are very lucky to have a mainly consultant led service and a very supportive department so are able to provide high quality theatre based teaching and experience. The on call rota is 1 in 12-14 and the (closely supervised) experience gained out of hours is a very important part of your training.

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