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List of Approved Courses (Study Leave Funding)
The latest list of approved courses against which study leave funding can be claimed (updated May 2023)
Study Leave Matrix EJ 2023.xlsx
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Study Leave for Special Circumstances: International and Aspirational Activity
ATT 9 Study leave special circumstances [...]
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International Study Leave - Application Form
International Study Leave Application Fo[...]
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Aspirational Study Leave - Application Form
Aspirational Study Leave Application For[...]
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BSA Courses Stage 1
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BSA Courses Stage 2 and 3
BSA Courses Stage 2 and stage 3.docx
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Specialist Hereford Anaesthesia Remote and Pre-Hospital Fellowship
A bespoke anaesthetic fellowship with the opportunity to gain insight in to either
SHARP flyerv3.pdf
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Friday September 2023
1.30pm to 4.30pm
Location: Worcestershire Royal Hospital
BASDART Flyer 2023.pdf
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