Pre-Hospital Medicine

Health Education England (West Midlands) supports a sub-specialty training programme in Pre Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM), which is open to current trainees in Anaesthetics, Intensive Care Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Recruitment is via a highly competitive national process (normally October/November) and the minimum grade is ST5 or above. Some trainees complete the PHEM year after their completion of training in their base specialty (eg immediately post CCT). All applicants must have done a minimum of 6 months in Anaesthetics and 6 months in Emergency Medicine at CT1 level or above to be eligible. The full person specification and details of training can be seen on the IBTPHEM website


Trainees who are interested in pursuing a career in PHEM should obtain career advice early in their training to ensure they are in a good position to apply for the national posts at the correct time. Whilst not essential, the majority of applicants have prior PHEM experience. PHEM Educational Supervisors are available at the three PHEM training sites: University Hospital North Midlands, Birmingham and Coventry. Trainees also need early approval from their local TPD to undertake Out of Programme Training.


For further information about the West Midlands PHEM training programme:


Information about the sub-specialty examinations is via the FPHC website:

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