Supporting Professional Activities (SPA)

It is recognised that trainees undertake a wide range of non-clinical activities, often in their own time. As such, the RCoA has recommended that Trainees in Stage 1 and 2 of training be allowed 2 hours per week of self-directed learning, whilst trainees in Stage 3 are given 4 hours per week.


The expectation that is that this time is used for non-clinical activities which are relevant to the curriculum and develop the individual. Exampes could include completion of audit or QI work, preparation for presentations or teaching sessions, attending a management meeting, guideline development, or completion of reflections; this is not an exhaustive list.


It is desirable that following a session of self-directed learning, a 'personal activity' is added to the LLP detailing what you have acheived during this time, in order that it can be seen you are using it appropriately.


Trusts may apply this guidance in differing ways - in some trusts it will be fixed sessions built into the rota, whilst others may require you to request it like study leave - what it important is that whatever system is in place, it allows you to adequately make use of this time.


WM Guidance on Supporting Professional A[...]
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New Curriculum August 2021 – self-directed learning time
Info regarding self directed learning time for trainees.
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