Period of Grace



At the end of the training programme all trainees are entitled to a 6 month Period of Grace (POG). This time does not count as training and follows on from your CCT date.



The purpose of this time is to provide employment, while you search for and are   hopefully appointed as a Consultant.



As you no longer have any training requirements, you will be placed in a vacant slot after all the trainees have been allocated. If there is more than 1 vacant slot available then your preference will be taken into account, though not guaranteed.


Do I have to apply?

No. The POG is automatic



As there are no differences between Full Time and Less Than Full Time trainees with regards to being able to apply to Consultant Appointments, the POG is fixed for 6 months for all trainees.


Can I Leave the training program on my CCT date?

Yes. To leave on your CCT date you need to resign from the training programme. 3 month notice is required. You are not recommended to resign until you have received your ARCP outcome 6 from your Exit ARCP. If your Exit ARCP is within 3 months of your CCT date then your resignation letter can be back dated to 3 months and then forwarded to the deanery once you have passed your Exit ARCP. Your letter of resignation should be sent to the TPD who will forward to the Deanery. You should inform the Hospital you are working in when you are planning to leave if it is not at the end of your placement.


Can I leave during my POG?

Yes. Again you will need to resign from the training programme. 3 months’ notice is required.


What happens when the 6 months finishes?

When your 6 month POG has completed you are released from the training program and your employment with the Trust is terminated. In this situation it is not necessary to resign.



There is going to be a change regarding the period of grace after your CCT. This change is coming from HEEWM and you should be receiving information/guidance from HEEWM soon. The change will be from August 2019 so will affect trainees with a CCT date from August 2019.


Period of grace has always been an opt-out system but it will now become an opt-in system. If you wish to use your period of grace, then you will need to give 12 weeks' notice to HEE. HEE are hopefully producing a form for you to complete and will instruct you who to send it to. HEE will inform he Trust so they can issue you with a contract for the period of grace for 6 months. Please inform Catherine Brennan if you wish to use your period of grace so that you can be placed at a hospital. The period of grace is for 6 months and if you wish to leave before the 6 months you will need to give 3 months' notice to the Trust and HEE.


From August, If you wish to finish on your CCT date, then you do not opt-in for the period of grace and your training and job will cease the day after. If your CCT date is at the end of you hospital training placement, or the day before a rotation starts, then you should not need to let the Trust know but you will need to let the Trust know you are leaving if your CCT date is before the training slot ends.


Further guidance will be issued from HEE soon and will be published here soon.

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