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As Doctors we all lead busy and  complex lives. Training in Anaesthesia is only a part of this. During a 7-8 year training program it is rare for everything to run completely smoothly. Sometimes training can be affected and in a wide variety of ways.


If you feel overwhelmed, don’t forget you can talk to fellow trainees, family and friends. You can also meet up with your Educational Supervisor, College Tutor, Mentor or TPD. You can also access one of the many support networks available to you, detailed in the pages shown on the left.


It is important that when training starts to become affected it is identified early, in order that appropriate help and support can be offered.


All trainees that are identified as potentially or actually needing support are placed on Doctors in Need Of Professional Support (DiNOPS) list. They will be discussed confidentially at the Birmingham School College Tutors meetings and the Deanery Anaesthetic Training Committee meetings. The results of these discussions help inform the Training Program Directors and College Tutors how best to support the trainee. This may result in a referral to the Professional Support Unit (PSU) at the Deanery. Anyone involved with a trainees educational programme can make the referral to the PSU (After discussing with the trainee). A trainee can also self-refer to Phoenix Psychology for counselling support.


Please see the Wellbeing Resources link to the left for additional resources.

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