LTFT Training and Parenting

LTFT training uptake is increasing and LTFT trainees now make up almost a half of BSA trainees. There is a wide spread of trainees taking up LTFT training for various reasons.


In this section you will find Key Resources for LTFT trainees, including the application/change form, and the recently updated ‘Parenting Pack’ full of a wealth of information about pregnancy and parenting as an anaesthetist.


Do not hesitate to get in touch with Julia or Helen if you have any queries about any issues. The LTFT trainee rep can raise any issues at 3 monthly school/deanery meetings, and 6 monthly LTFT meetings. There is also a WhatsApp group you can join – email Julia with your mobile number to be added.


Key Contacts & Deanery Link


Associate Postgraduate Dean for LTFTT

Helen Goodyear:


BSA Trainee LTFT rep

Julia Blackburn:


HEE Midlands LTFT Training Website

Contains WM Deanery LTFT Training Guide, and see downloads section which includes list of LTFT Champions and key updates

LTFT Locum Work Update Oct 2023

There have been a few recent queries about taking up locum shifts as a LTFT trainee, please find below a response from Helen Goodyear (Associate Postgraduate Dean for LTFT Training).


LTFT Application

We have now moved from PDF forms, to using a Microsoft Form found at the below link. All instructions on how to complete it are included in the Form.


MS Form:

Please ensure you complete the LTFT application form both when you are applying to start working LTFT, and if you are changing your LTFT percentage or returning to full time training.


It is expected that you would have already discussed this application with your Educational Supervisor (ES) or Training Programme Director (TPD) before submitting this form.


Please see the WM Deanery website for more details.



LTFT Locum Update Oct 2023
LTFT Locum Update Oct 2023.docx
Microsoft Word document [13.7 KB]

Key Resources for LTFT Trainees


Information for LTFT trainees


Please see below for a recent presentation given to new LTFT trainees by Julia Blackburn – feel free to use the slides for information and contact Julia if there are any questions.

LTFT Training presentation
LTFT Training for Trainees.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [5.0 MB]



This leaflet was created for ES/TPDs, but please feel free to have a look at the resources as they may also help you to clarify training needs.


LTFT Leafelt for Supervisors
Adobe Acrobat document [883.7 KB]



LTFT Calculator


Use this tool to input of your % LTFT and dates for each trust/grade. It will then automatically calculate your full time equivalent and give a nice summary of your training. This can be used for any trainee and can also incorporate research, OOPE/OOPT etc.


Useful, not only for your own records and planning ahead but also useful to upload to LLP for ARCPs to give a clear summary of your training (not compulsory for ARCP).


Created by Murray Du Plessis and Anna Jordan.

Training Planner and Calculator
LTFT Calculator.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [29.3 KB]


RCOA LTFT Guide - July 2021
A guide for training programme directors in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine
Adobe Acrobat document [1.4 MB]
The Parenting Pack
All you need to know about pregnancy, maternity leave and returning to work in the West Midlands Anaesthetic Deanery
Parenting pack (3).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.4 MB]


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