Structure of Rotations

Core Anaesthesia and ACCS

- The Novice Year – Core Anaesthesia CT1 / ACCS CT2


You will be appointed to a single hospital for the duration of your first year, this will often be the same hospital as your year in EM and AM (for ACCS trainees)


- The Second Year – Core Anaesthesia CT2 / ACCS CT3


Your second year will be appointed to a single hsopital. Allocations will be based on preferences expressed, and also training needs depending on the clinical experience available at each hospital. Preferences will be accommodated where possible but cannot be guaranteed.


- The Third Year – Core Anaesthesia CT3/ ACCS CT4


Your final year will allow completion of the Stage 1 curriculum. Allocations will usually be to a single hospital for the year, but again will dependd on availability of posts and the clinical experience available at each hospital. Preferences will again be accomodated where possible but cannot be guaranteed.



- CT3+ Extensions

If you require a remedial time extension to complete your Core Level Training then your placement will be at the discretion of the TPD and will be accommodated in a vacant slot, suitable for your training needs, after the other allocations have been completed.



Specialist Training:


Where possible, posts will be for the duration of 6 months to 1 year.


- Stage 2 Anaesthetic Training (St4 &St5 year)

During stage 2 training, you will need to complete 3 months cardiac anaesthesia and 3 months neuro anaesthesia and this will be at University Hospital Birmingham (UHB) . 3 months of paediatric anaesthesia will be completed at Birmingham Children’s hospital (BCH). The rest of your training will be split between the District General Hospitals and University Hospital Birmingham ( UHB).


- Stage 3 Anaesthetic Training (St6 & St7 year)

During stage 3 training, 12 months (whole time equivalent) of training must be undertaken in one or more areas of special interest(SIA). The year may be a single SIA or combination of SIAs. Depending on your SIA choices, hospital placements will aim to support these training needs. Time will be spent at UHB, and DGH’s to support stage 3 training.


During both stages of training, there are opportunities to attend the  Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, Birmingham Children’s hospital and  Birmingham Women’s hospital. It is a complex task placing over 90 trainees in the available posts in order that everyone’s training needs are met. The placements are published approximately 3-4 months in advance.

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