Extension to Training Time

The rules regarding extensions to training are set out in the Gold Guide.


Trainees will be able to have additional aggregated training time. In the hospital specialties this will be up to one year within the total duration of the training programme (up to six months for core training, and one year across both core and higher specialty training).


Exceptionally, this additional training time may be extended at the discretion of the Postgraduate Dean but with an absolute maximum of two years in hospital specialties within the total duration of the training programme (up to one year for core training, and two years across both core and higher specialty training).


What this means for you:

  • Only 6 months extensions will be available at CT level. A further 6 months will require application to the Post Graduate Dean.
  • A maximum of 1 year is available at CT level
  • ST4/5 extensions will need to take into account previous extensions at CT level.
  • ST4/5 extensions more than 1 year (including CT extensions) will require application to the Post Graduate Dean.
  • A maximum of 2 years is available at ST level (including CT extensions)

LTFT Trainees

Should an extension to training be required for an LTFT trainee:

  • If training requirements for progression have not been met, this will be on a pro-rata basis
  • If failure to progress is solely on the basis of exam failure, then an extension to training will be on a fixed-term basis and not pro-rata.

ICM Dual Trainees

Should an extension be required for a Dual Anaesthesia/ICM trainee the College has recommended that whenever an outcome 3 is issued for any reason the trainee stays in that specialty until the issue is resolved with an outcome 1 or 4. Therefore an anaesthetic trainee who hasn’t passed the Final FRCA exam by the end of ST4 should go into a remedial post within the anaesthetic rotation. They cannot spend time gaining ICM competencies while having further attempts at the FRCA.


For full guidance read the following:

Remedial time for dual trainees

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